Report Critique by Supervisors

All Security Officers assigned to complete Daily Log Reports and Incident Reports when necessary. These reports are read by the supervisors when they conduct post inspections to make sure the officer has a complete, concise and informative report. Copies of all reports are left at a location specified by management at the end of each shift.

Printouts of Activity

Printouts for the security officer’s activity are available as needed and are reader friendly, giving the post name and location, the officer’s name, the date, time, and specific locations patrolled. There is also a brief synopsis of any incidents that may have occurred.

Dispatch & Monitoring ­ 24-hours a Day

Our dispatchers working the Central Station are highly trained in the various functions of their job, from utilization of the computer and electronic equipment to alarm response procedures and public relations.

  • Checking On/Off Duty
  • Security Officer requests
  • Time Checks
  • Patrols
  • Incident Data Entries
  • Check Station Activity

  • Supervisor Inspections
  • Local authority notification, as needed
  • Alarm Response
  • Escorts
  • Vehicle Patrol Checks
  • Equipment Accountability
  • Special Requests

Our Central Station dispatchers are at the hub of our communications procedures. If required, Security Officers for contract would all carry radios and wear pagers. Should executives or managers need to be contacted; our dispatchers have notification information at the ready through the computer. Thus, information supplied by the officers on-site would be immediately available to those persons who require it.

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