Colleges, Universities & Sororities

Colleges, Universities & Sororities

Since CitiGlobal Security was founded in 1954, we’ve been providing college campus security for schools located throughout California. Colleges and Universities trust us with their security needs because of our reputation for going above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Just like your students take their studies seriously, the security of your students, staff, visitors and property are our top priority.

  • Full-Service Security for entire Campus
  • Live IP Cameras monitored 24/7 On-site & in our Command Center
  • Experienced Supervisors patrol in marked vehicles 24/7
  • Pool of emergency Stand-by Guards in case of emergency and to ensure perfect attendance
  • Foot, Car, Bike & Golf Cart Patrol Available
  • Guards certified in CPR (must request)
  • #1 Company for Sorority Security in California

Security Services for Colleges & Universities

As a university security company, we consider it our responsibility to handle all of your college security needs — not just some of them. We offer a wide range of university campus security services so you can work with one trusted partner, not multiple vendors, to keep your grounds secure.

Security Guards & Foot Patrol for Colleges & Universities

We can provide a university security guard or a full team of them, depending on the size of your campus. Whether you need one college security guard or several of them, our officers will perform foot patrols regularly to make sure your students, staff, visitors and assets are safe. They can even escort students across campus to ensure they reach their destinations safely.

We’ll also use our college surveillance services to record footage of various areas on your campus. From highly-trafficked walkways to rarely-used storage areas, we’ll use video monitoring to keep track of the activity on your grounds.

Here are some additional things that are bundled with our university security services:

We take university security seriously because we know parents send their most valuable assets to your campus — their children. That’s why we offer so many college security services and it’s why we execute them consistently and expertly every day. Your students, staff and visitors deserve the best, and you’ll provide them with the finest security available when you choose CitiGlobal Security.

Access Control Systems for College & University Campuses

Campus access control is one of the many ways we can protect your college or university from potential threats and undesirable intruders. By keeping unwanted trespassers off of your grounds, we’re better able to provide the level of security you, your students and their parents expect.

We’ve been creating and implementing college and university access control systems for more than 60 years. Our managers have an average of more than 20 years of experience in the security industry. Given our vast experience, we’re able to recognize possible threats around your points of entry and egress and prevent them from becoming real problems.

When you select CitiGlobal Security, we’ll tour your campus and pay special attention to your access points. Using our careful observations and our extensive experience, we’ll create a customized campus access control plan for your college or university.

We know that every campus is different and presents its own set of security concerns. Access points are a common concern across places of higher learning, however, because managing them with safety in mind is challenging. From visiting parents and friends to guest professors, competing teams from other schools and many other individuals and groups, keeping track of who should and shouldn’t be on your grounds is a non-stop, time-consuming and labor-intensive activity.

Luckily, our security experts are up to the task day-in and day-out. Our security officers are highly trained and they’ve had to meet exacting certification standards to wear our uniforms. We maintain constant contact with our valued clients, which will help you have even more confidence in the campus access control system we’ll develop for your college or university.

When you hire us to create a customized campus access control solution at your university or college, you won’t have to wonder if you made the right choice. You, your staff, your students and their parents will know it.


Security Services for Sorority Houses

If your school has an active Greek life, you’ll be happy to know we’re prepared to provide security for the sorority houses at your location. We provide security guards for sorority houses often, and many houses take advantage of the additional security our surveillance services provide.

Our security guards will conduct foot patrols around your campus’ sorority houses to make sure no one is lurking in the bushes or trying to peep through windows. They’ll also make sure the doors and windows are secure and haven’t been jimmied open. Our surveillance equipment will keep track of everyone who enters and leaves your sorority houses.

The CitiGlobal Difference

At CitiGlobal Security, we know keeping a campus secure can be a daunting task — especially when you already have so many other responsibilities. We’ll take care of all of your college and university security needs so you can focus on what’s really important: Educating your students.

We know many schools are cutting back on their budgets while trying to accommodate an increasing number of students. You can stay on budget when you choose to partner with us, because our high-quality security services are priced competitively. If you receive a lower formal quote from another security provider, we’ll match it.

We’ll provide you with a custom-made plan for your college security so you can see how affordable our security services are. Contact CitiGlobal Security to schedule a consultation today.

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