Docks & Marinas


Docks & Marinas

Any dock or marina needs a complete security solution. Not only do these types of facility often house expensive property, but they must also help ensure the safety and security of members and guests at all times. At CitiGlobal Security, we offer marina and dock security that goes far beyond what you’ll find through other providers.

Rather than offering a standard marina or boat dock security services, as many others do, we spend time getting to know your dock or marina’s unique needs. We then craft a customized plan based on those unique needs — one that delivers the exact type and level of security that your dock or marina requires.

Our prices are highly competitive, and we’ll even match formally submitted bids offered by our competitors. At CitiGlobal, we’ve been securing docks, marinas and other properties and venues since 1954. Through our six-plus decades of service, we’ve gained a great deal of experience and knowledge — and we apply it each day toward meeting your unique needs.

  • Only Security Company to use Laser Fencing Surveillance
  • Only Security Company to use Drone Surveillance
  • Live IP Cameras monitored 24/7 in our Command Center
  • 24/7 Marked Patrol Vehicles
  • Pool of Emergency Standby Guards in case of Emergency and to ensure perfect attendance
  • Supervisors able to respond to distress signals faster than local police departments

Comprehensive Dock and Marina Security Services

Security should go far beyond just a marina or dock security guard. At CitiGlobal Security, we focus on offering a complete solution that also includes the right technology for marina security services.


Video Surveillance & Monitoring for Docks & Marinas

We’re also very progressive about including the latest in technological innovations into our suite of available tools, as required by our clients. At CitiGlobal, you enjoy access to cameras, advanced access systems, laser fencing, tracking devices, geolocation, remote monitoring, client portals and more.

Security Guards & Foot Patrol for Docks & Marinas

Yes, we offer a full suite of technology tools. But we also remain focused on ensuring that our physical officers are fully prepared and capable of delivering service that meets the highest standards. We spare no expense in training our team members. Each goes through rigorous training courses and each meets the highest certification standards before going into the field to deliver marina, dock or seaport security services.

Make sure you’re getting a complete solution when you choose CitiGlobal for dock, pier, seaport or marina security services.

The CitiGlobal Difference

We take our dock security and similar jobs incredibly seriously. In fact, these are more than just jobs to us — they’re partnerships. We see ourselves as partners in your success when we work to provide dock, marina, seaport or pier security services.

Communication is the hallmark of what we do. We’ve found that strong communication promotes strong relationships and the best in customized marina and dock security services. That’s why you always enjoy access to our entire team, including everyone from our frontline officers to our CEO.

At CitiGlobal, we always strive to deliver service that meets the highest standards. We aren’t just counting billable hours when we take on boat dock security service work. Rather, we’re deeply invested in helping you create the safest and most secure environment — one that maximizes its potential. Get the best in marina, pier, seaport or boat dock security when you choose CitiGlobal as your provider.

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