Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites


If you’re researching industrial security companies to find an outfit to protect your location, you probably have a list of criteria. You want a company that’s reliable. You’re looking for a company that has a proven track record. Out of all the industrial security companies that appear in your search browser, you’re trying to find the one that will go above and beyond your expectations.

You’ve succeeded in your search because CitiGlobal Security checks every box on your list of criteria.

  • Live IP Cameras monitored 24/7 On-Site & in our Command Center
  • Armed & Unarmed Guards Available
  • Only Security Company to use Laser Fencing & Droid Surveillance
  • GSM Modules to Monitoring the Tampering of Locks & Doors
  • Emergency Standby Guards for Emergencies & to Ensure Perfect Attendance
  • 24/7 Supervisor Patrol Able to Respond Faster Than Local Police Departments
  • Our Guards are Trained to Handle Every Possible Situation
  • All Guards Go Through Training Above the Standards Set by the State of California
  • We Train Our Guards On-Site with No Cost to You

Security Services for Industrial Parks & Warehouses

Founded in 1954, CitiGlobal Security has provided industrial site security for a generation. We’re proud that serious professionals in the industrial market see us as their trusted industrial security consultants and we’re honored to serve them.

Security Guards for Industrial Parks & Warehouses

CitiGlobal Security is more than an industrial security guard company. While we do have fully-trained and certified security guards on staff, we offer a full suite of complementary industrial security services designed to keep your location secure at all times.

We know our security guards are a direct reflection of us in the field, which is why they go through rigorous training and have to satisfy strict certification standards before they are deployed. Our guards must adhere to industry best practices whenever they wear our uniforms.

Foot Patrol, Surveillance, Monitoring & Laser Fencing for Industrial Parks & Warehouses

In addition to security guards, our menu of industrial security services includes foot patrols and video monitoring. Our officers will physically walk through your location and around its perimeter to ensure your security hasn’t been compromised at varying times of the day and night. We’ll also use video monitoring to make sure your warehouse is secure. Video monitoring isn’t just an effective way to deter thieves and vandals trying to break into your location — it’s also a highly effective tool that discourages employee theft from the inside.

Fire Watch Services for Industrial Parks & Warehouses

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have an inventory of flammable goods at your industrial center. Whether that’s the case or not, you’ll be happy to know that our suite of industrial security services includes fire watch. You’ll also be relieved to know that we perform maintenance on your security equipment in our role as your industrial security consultants. Maintenance for your security equipment is just one of the many things we’ll take off your to-do list when you choose CitiGlobal Security for your industrial site security needs.

The CitiGlobal Difference

With over 60 years of experience, CitiGlobal Security understands the unique challenges that come with providing security for an industrial center or warehouse. We have an extended history that proves we’re prepared and experienced enough to overcome those challenges every day.

You don’t have to settle for a security company that checks some or even most of the boxes on your list of criteria when CitiGlobal Security checks them all. We provide high-quality security at affordable prices for industrial and warehouse locations throughout California. If you’re unsure about what your exact security needs are, we have the experience to create a customized security platform for your industrial center or warehouse.

If you’re looking for the security company that best fits your industrial center or warehouse, stop researching industrial security companies and call CitiGlobal Security, because you’ve already found what you’re searching for. Contact us today to learn more.

Page Updated September 21, 2017

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