Office Buildings & Business Parks

Office Buildings & Business Parks

A large part of becoming the office building of choice for desirable tenants is offering a high level of safety and security. Do you have an office security service that’s helping your property reach its fullest potential and helping to draw in the most desirable tenants?

At CitiGlobal Security, we’ve been delivering high-quality office security since 1954. Rather than just deploying an office security guard and offering a standard set of services, we take the time needed to get to know your unique needs. Based on your unique needs, we craft customized office security services that are ideal for your property and your tenants.

You won’t find this same level of tailored office security service from larger providers. But you won’t pay a premium when you choose custom service from CitiGlobal. Our prices are competitive and we’ll even match any formally submitted bid from one of our competitors. Make sure your property maximizes its full potential when you choose CitiGlobal for office building security.

Security Solutions For Office Buildings & Property Managers

At CitiGlobal, we specialize in security for office buildings that makes life easy for property managers. You have enough to worry about when running a commercial property that serves a high caliber of tenant. You don’t have the time, energy or expertise to focus on security, too. Let us step in as your best option among office security companies and let us take on all of your security needs.

Security Guards, Surveillance & Monitoring for Office Buildings

Not only do we provide physical officers and traditional office security services, but we also offer a wide range of technology solutions, including cameras, laser fencing, advanced access systems, client portals, tracking devices and remote monitoring. Not all of our clients will need each of these technology solutions, but we offer them to make sure they’re available if they fit your needs.

Naturally, we’ve mastered the basics of low-tech security, too, in the form of office security guards who are fully prepared from Day One to deliver the pinnacle of security services. We spare no expense in training our team members to handle both expected and unexpected security issues at your property. Each goes through rigorous training and each meets the highest certification standards before going into the field.

Make sure you’re getting a complete security solution and the best possible team when you choose CitiGlobal for security for office buildings.

The CitiGlobal Security Difference

What makes us different than other office security companies? It starts with this: Office security is more than just a job to us. We see each engagement as a partnership and we only see ourselves as successful when you’re finding success at your property. We are locals serving locals rather than just standard-issue security pros counting billable hours.

In pursuit of the best office security services, we focus on guaranteed communication with our clients. At any time, you enjoy access to every member of our team, from our CEO to our frontline officers. We’ve found that this is the best way to follow through on customized office security services.

You enjoy many options when you need an office security service. Make sure you’re getting experience, knowledge and a deep commitment to delivering the best possible service when you choose CitiGlobal Security. Contact us today about security for office buildings.

Page Updated March 9, 2018

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