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CitiGlobal Security was founded in 1954 with a mission to provide high-quality security services at competitive prices, and we’ve been fulfilling our mission ever since. We partner with public and private schools throughout California to keep their students, staff, visitors and physical property secure.

Our commitment to our clients is unshakable. From our front-line security officers to our CEO, nothing is more important to us than keeping our clients and their locations safe.

  • Live IP Cameras monitored 24/7 On-Site & in our Command Center
  • Armed & Unarmed Guards Available
  • Cross Walk Security for Student Safety
  • Emergency Standby Guards for Emergencies & to Ensure Perfect Attendance
  • 24/7 Supervisor Patrol Able to Respond Faster Than Local Police Departments
  • Our Guards are Trained to Handle Every Possible Situation
  • All Guards Go Through Training Above the Standards Set by the State of California
  • We Train Our Guards On-Site with No Cost to You

Security Services for Public & Private Schools

At CitiGlobal Security, our priority is you. Whether you’re looking for private school security or public school security, you’ve come to the right place — we’ve been providing both for more than 60 years. We’re proud of the schools we’re affiliated with and we’re grateful we’ve had the opportunity to see so many talented students graduate and start their adult lives. And we can’t wait to see your students do the same.

For your students to move on to bigger and better things, you must provide them with a safe learning environment. Our high school security services are designed to keep your students, staff, visitors and campus secure. We offer a wide range of sought-after security services that protect the people and assets on your grounds.

Security Guards for Public & Private Schools

One of the first steps we normally take when we assume responsibility at public or private high schools is appoint a security guard for the schools. Depending on the size of your campus, the number of students attending your school and other factors, you may need more than one high school security guard on your premises.

Foot Patrol Services for Public & Private Schools

Our security guards establish the presence of authority and safety by performing foot patrols in and around your campus’ buildings and playing fields regularly. In addition to highly-skilled security guards, we also provide high school surveillance services to monitor the activities that take place on your grounds and in your buildings.

Cross Walk Security for Public & Private Schools

If roads or driveways cut through your school’s property, we can provide crosswalk safety professionals to make sure everyone can get across them safely. Our suite of high school security services also includes fire watch and security equipment maintenance, giving you peace-of-mind.

We care as much about the schools we provide security for as their headmasters and principals do. We’ll show you how much we care about everything we do to keep your school secure.

The CitiGlobal Difference

When kids are involved, you don’t want just any security company handling the security of your campus. You want a partner that will provide security you can rely on while participating in your campus community. That’s what you get when you choose CitiGlobal Security — a partner who is dedicated to keeping your students, staff, visitors and assets safe while being a part of campus life.

When schools contact us about handling their security, we begin by creating a custom security plan that’s ideal for their campus, and we’ll do the same for you. As you’ll see when you look over your plan, our security services are priced competitively. If you want security services for your school that are as reliable and comprehensive as they are affordable, contact CitiGlobal Security today.

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