Drone Security
Drone Security Drone Security Services Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are playing an increasingly large role in businesses and private security in the United States. Security guards at CitiGlobal have a new tool to deter intruders: a drone that will chase down and follow people without human intervention. The CitiGlobal drone initially was designed read more
Parking Enforcement
Parking Enforcement Services  Parking Enforcement Services Parking enforcement in Los Angeles can be a challenging operation requiring a lot of your resources. The right parking enforcement agency can help you manage those resources and make effective parking enforcement much easier. As a trusted name in security services, CitiGlobal can provide the parking enforcement services you read more
Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention  Loss-Prevention Security Services   Is loss prevention a concern for your industry? Your previous business experience may have told you that some loss is acceptable. If this is your belief, you haven’t been working with the right loss-prevention security company. If you need loss-prevention security services in California, we recommend you contact CitiGlobal right read more
Access Control
Access Control  Access Control Security Services Are you responsible for a gated community, HOA, college campus or some other area where quality access control is a must? If you need an access control consultant in California, contact CitiGlobal today. CitiGlobal has been handling security concerns for more than 60 years, so we know exactly what it read more
Crowd Control
Crowd Control  Crowd Control Services Are you in the market for a crowd control company? For crowd control services in California, CitiGlobal is the obvious choice. Whether one would consider your event large or small, time after time, history has shown that crowd control security is not a job you can leave to amateurs. CitiGlobal read more
Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen
Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen  Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen If you’re seeking a lobby ambassador for hire in California, look to CitiGlobal. CitiGlobal is different from any other doorman security company you’re likely to find in that we treat our clients like family. Whether you require security for a large corporate structure or a modest apartment read more
Armed Guards

Some businesses or situations require security officers with defensive firepower to overcome any possible threat.

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Unarmed Guards

Trained unarmed guards can be sufficient in making the public, customers and employees feel at ease and deter any possible threats.

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Foot Patrol

Foot patrol offers a more personable type of security that is always visually present and constantly vigilant from the ground.

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Off Duty Police Officer

Off duty police officers are used for various types of security. Our off duty law enforcement personnel are armed and have powers of arrest.

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Event Security

Our event personnel are specially trained to handle event security and are ready to act against any eventuality.

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Video Monitoring Services

A video surveillance system acts as a deterrent to crime and it can be unnerving to a would-be criminal. As well as provided piece of mind knowing someone is watching even when you are away.

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Fire Watch

Our licensed fire watch guards are specially trained and experienced in providing fire watch services to businesses that are lacking fire protection or alarm systems

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Cyber Security

Our cyber security specialists will protect information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them.

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Cross Walk Security

The simple presence of a traffic guard with the right signage will make the traffic run slower and more carefully.

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Security Equipment Maintenance

Our team is fully trained on how to properly maintain and test all security systems.

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