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Resident & Vehicle Registration Services

For more than 60 years, CitiGlobal Security has been providing security services to businesses and communities throughout The Golden State at affordable prices. We know what it takes to keep your location secure, and our resident and vehicle registration security services can be incorporated into a custom, comprehensive security plan for your community.

We use the latest technology and our experience to develop and execute customized security solutions for communities so residents and property managers can enjoy peace of mind.

We can work with your to set up a digital database and registration for:

Digital Database Registration

With the help of computers and databases, it is easier to store and mine information when we need it to obtain reports and valuable data. Our computerized security registration database can store thousands of records in a secure location in order to keep track and access them to provide valuable information at any time.

Our digital database registration services add an extra layer of protection for your community. We’ll record information about the people and vehicles that enter and leave your community so only the individuals and automobiles that are supposed to be on your grounds can access your property. Because our system is computerized, updating existing records and adding new ones is simple and requires little time.

With a digital registration database, we can access records and retrieve relevant information in seconds. This capability is vital in the event that an emergency occurs or a crime is committed. Having critical information available instantly enables us to address emergent situations immediately and provide timely, accurate information to law enforcement when necessary.

We back up our computerized records often so the most current registration information related to your community is always accessible, safe and secure.

Digital Vehicle Registration Database

One of the most effective ways you can keep your community secure is to maintain a record of the automobiles your residents and their guests drive. It’s also important to maintain a database of the work vehicles that service your community regularly. By maintaining a gated community vehicle registration database, we’ll know which vehicles should be in your community and which ones shouldn’t be.

With this knowledge, we can prevent unauthorized automobiles from getting inside your community and closely monitor the activity of cars that aren’t already in our database as a deterrent to crime.

Digital Resident Registration Database

Keeping track of the people who live in your community is another effective tactic to deter crime. We’ll maintain a database of your community’s residents and use it to prevent non-residents from accessing your property unless they are visiting for legitimate reasons.

While we know welcoming new faces is part of managing an active community, we also know that maintaining a resident registration database can help distinguish between people who are supposed to be in your community and those who have no business being on the grounds.

The CitiGlobal Difference

When you choose our vehicle registration security company for your security needs, you’re gaining a partner that’s as invested in your community’s security as you are. We’ll create a custom security plan for your location that covers all points of entry and egress so we can maintain an accurate resident and vehicle registration database at all times.

Our registration services are just part of what we can do to keep your community safe. Give us a call to make an appointment for a security consultation at your location today.

Page Updated March 9, 2018

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