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Since CitiGlobal Security’s founding more than 60 years ago, we’ve recognized one of the most important security services we can provide is crosswalk security. In the decades since we first opened our doors, we’ve been proud to be a leading crossing guard company in California, and we look forward to continuing to provide crosswalk security services throughout the Golden State for years to come.

Crosswalk Safety & Security

Many high traffic areas require crosswalk security personnel, especially populated areas where students and families are present. The simple presence of a traffic guard with the right signage will make the traffic run slower and more careful than usual, bringing the right type of security for the situation.

Residential and educational environments aren’t the only places a crosswalk security company can provide meaningful security services that can keep pedestrians, cyclists and motorists safe. We can also provide life-saving security services on commercial campuses such as office complexes.

If your campus has a driveway that’s difficult to navigate because of sharp or blind turns or drivers have difficultly seeing foot traffic when leaving your parking garage, it can be dangerous for pedestrians to cross safely. Having crosswalk security guards can help pedestrians get where they need to be safely by controlling the vehicle traffic at your location.

Construction sites are another good example of locations where a crosswalk security company like ours can provide valuable services. If you’ve ever worked at or near a construction site, you’ve probably witnessed at least a few close calls as deliveries were made and heavy machinery moved around the site. Having crosswalk security guards at a construction site can minimize the number of near-misses and actual accidents that occur at a job site.

Crosswalk Security Services for Any Industry


Crosswalk Security Guard Services Throughout California

CitiGlobal Security has been providing crosswalk security services to businesses, sports and entertainment venues, communities, colleges and universities, and more since 1954. Even if you don’t need crosswalk security guards at your location on a regular basis, you need them from time to time for your special events.

Our security company provides crosswalk security guards for special events of any size. When people attend special events, they’re often unfamiliar with your campus. Our security guards pay special attention to sidewalk, traffic and parking enforcement to make sure everyone gets around your property safely.

As a long-standing California crossing guard company with a reputation for excellence, we offer our services at competitive prices because we know how vital they are to keeping people safe. We’ll match any quote formally submitted to you if a competitor’s prices are lower than ours.

California Crossing Guard Company — The CitiGlobal Difference

When you choose us for your crosswalk security needs, you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice. Our experienced security supervisors roam the locations we’re responsible for 24-hours per day, seven days per week in our fleet of marked security vehicles.

You never have to worry about someone calling in sick or missing a day of work, which could put pedestrians and motorists at risk, because we have a pool of emergency crossing guards standing by to fill in as necessary. Whether you need help directing semis during a school construction project or for event security, we can help.

To learn more about our crosswalk security services and our competitive pricing, contact CitiGlobal Security today.

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