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Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are playing an increasingly large role in businesses and private security in the United States.

Security guards at CitiGlobal have a new tool to deter intruders: a drone that will chase down and follow people without human intervention.

The CitiGlobal drone initially was designed to protect large parcels of land, or bodies of water. It will launch whenever suspicious cars or people are detected on the property by other security equipment. However, now CitiGlobal is deploying drones for parking enforcement and alarm response.

Drones For Security Surveillance

The CitiGlobal security drone is capable of identifying parking permits for vehicles. If the permit is expired or the vehicle is illegally parked , the drone will take a picture of the license plate and relay it back to the command center where the Security Officer will issue a ticket to the vehicle.

Homes within a community that has subscribed to the CitiGlobal alarm response service are monitored 24 hours. In case of any breach or an alarm going off, the command center is notified immediately and a drone is dispatched to the home immediately while the security officer contacts the homeowner. The drone will video record the situation and will rely the files to the command center live. In case of a situation that requires immediate police intervention, the security officer will immediately contact the police.


Security Drone Capabilities

The drone will snap pictures and send them to a CitiGlobal monitoring center where it can determine the threat. Today, the company sends security guards to investigate potential intrusions, so a drone could reduce its response time considerably.

In the case of a vehicle, the drone will photograph the car and its license plate. If it’s a person, it will attempt to get a picture of their face.

It has LED lights for use at night and Red and Blue strobe lights. The drone’s top speed is 50 miles per hour. It will fly within 500 feet off the ground, well out of the reach of would-be intruders.

The drone takes off from a dedicated launch pad that includes a recharging system. It’s being promoted as an extra tool to be used by the security guards, because of its ability to fly anywhere on a property and take pictures from a variety of angles.

Page Updated March 9, 2018

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