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Our licensed fire watch guards are specially trained and experienced in providing fire watch and control services to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or are having problems with their current fire alarm system. They can respond immediately to a request for a fire watch and we can deploy our security team with minimal notice.

CitiGlobal has provided fire watch security for businesses located throughout California for more than 60 years. Whether you need fire watch in Los Angeles or you’re searching for fire watch in Ventura County or another part of the state, we have fire watch security guards who have the expertise and specialized training necessary to protect your property from fire hazards.

Fire Watch Guards & Fire Security Services

Business owners and managers looking for fire watch companies in Orange County, San Diego or elsewhere in the state have several options to choose from. That’s why we make it easy for you to choose us.

Our fire watch guards are highly-trained experts who know what to look for to prevent a fire from occurring. Businesses often need our fire watch security services when they’re building a new structure and a fire alarm hasn’t been installed, or they’re renovating an existing building and their fire detection system is temporarily disabled. They also call upon our fire watch guards when they’re having issues with their fire alarm system and they’re concerned about the system’s ability to function properly.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or redoing part of your headquarters, our fire watch security guards will remain on site until your project is complete. More specifically, we’ll stay at your location until your fire alarm and suppression system is working properly and it’s been inspected and approved by the appropriate officials.

From office parks to manufacturing plants to distribution centers and more, you can see our fire watch guards at many different kinds of businesses throughout California.

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The CitiGlobal Difference

At CitiGlobal, we provide affordable fire watch security services to small, medium and large businesses all over The Golden State. If you receive a written bid for fire watch services that’s lower than the quote we gave you, we’ll gladly match our competitor’s price. We believe you deserve the best fire watch and security services available, which is why we’re willing to adjust our prices to match a competitor’s quote when necessary. Getting the best security services and affordable prices shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, and we make sure they’re not.

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