Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen

Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen

 Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen

If you’re seeking a lobby ambassador for hire in California, look to CitiGlobal. CitiGlobal is different from any other doorman security company you’re likely to find in that we treat our clients like family. Whether you require security for a large corporate structure or a modest apartment building, CitiGlobal can customize a solution to your particular needs, making sure your guests and residents feel protected without feeling alarmed.

Lobby Ambassadors for Hire

Lobby ambassadors are ideal for access control at hotels and condo and apartment buildings. With one of our highly trained lobby ambassadors located within the entrance to your building, you can be confident that no unauthorized personnel will gain entry. When residents and potential residents see our lobby ambassador in your lobby, they have the peace of mind of knowing they will be safe within their residence in your building.

In most cases, just the sight of a clearly trained professional in the lobby of a building will deter any thieves, vandals or other unwanted individuals from attempting to gain unauthorized passage. As a property manager, you have many concerns when it comes to your building, and not having to worry about security can free you up to handle the many other responsibilities of managing a building.

Doorman Security Services

When you work with us as your doorman security agency, you’ll not only get highly trained and highly knowledgeable guards in your building, you’ll also get the full weight of CitiGlobal at your disposal. This includes additional security technology like surveillance cameras, remote monitoring and tracking devices, should you desire them, as well as full access to the entire CitiGlobal team.

We combine open communication, advanced technology, knowledge, experience and a commitment to customer service to make sure you get exactly the doorman security solutions you need for your properties. We provide specialized services to a select clientele, and you never get lost in the shuffle like you might with a giant security company elsewhere.

As the main point of entry to your building, your lobby is a potential target. Our doorman security services remove that vulnerability while still providing your residents with a positive living experience.

The CitiGlobal Difference

CitiGlobal has been in the security and protection business since 1954, with satisfied clients going back decades. That’s because Californians know CitiGlobal is a name they can trust when it comes to commercial and residential security. If you’re ready to find out how CitiGlobal can provide high-quality protection for your property or properties, call us now for a free consultation or contact us online for a free quote.

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