Traffic Enforcement Programs


Traffic Enforcement Agency

Founded in 1954, CitiGlobal has been serving Los Angeles, nearby neighborhoods and all of California as a traffic enforcement group for more than 60 years. We know that when you hire us as your traffic enforcement group, you’re entrusting us with the safety of more than your physical property. You’re trusting us with the safety of your employees and visitors as well, and we’ll do everything possible to keep everyone safe.

Traffic Enforcement Programs

As a traffic enforcement agent, we labor tirelessly to reduce the chances that an accident will occur on or near your property by enforcing the law. If you need traffic enforcement in Los Angeles, we’ll design a custom plan that’s specific to your location and work with the local authorities to enforce that plan.

If you have roads or driveways that run through your property, we can monitor crosswalks to ensure pedestrians and cyclists can make it across the tricky roadways safely. If your driveways or roads have blind turns that put other vehicles or people traveling by foot at risk, we can put up signs that alert both drivers and pedestrians of impending hazards.

If you’re going to host a special event that will involve unusual traffic patterns at your location or on the public streets surrounding your property, we’ll secure the permits to divert traffic as necessary to keep everyone safe. Even if you need to use private property to handle your traffic flow, we have the experience to come up with a traffic enforcement solution for you.

Traffic Enforecment Programs For Any Industry or Business

If you’re concerned about traffic accidents occurring at your location, you need a traffic enforcement group you can trust, and that’s CitiGlobal. Given our decades of experience and the specialized training our officers undergo, we’re your best choice if you’re looking for a traffic enforcement unit you can rely on day-in and day-out.

The CitiGlobal Difference

At CitiGlobal, we offer a complete traffic enforcement alternative. Our traffic enforcement program is focused around problem areas or intersections that have an unusually high accident rate. Our traffic guards will enforce traffic by enforcing the law and diminish the possibility of an accident. Our guards can also deviate traffic on private areas or public areas with the right permits.

When you choose us as your traffic enforcement agent, we do it all for you. Contact us today to learn more about our traffic enforcement services.

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