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Video Monitoring & Surveillance Security

Since CitiGlobal Security first opened its doors in 1954, we’ve been providing surveillance in California for businesses, communities and other groups. Over the years, we’ve expanded our surveillance techniques, so we always use the latest equipment and industry best practices.

CitiGlobal Security isn’t just one of the video monitoring services operating in California. We offer the best video monitoring service you’ll find anywhere in the state.

Surveillance & Video Monitoring Services

For a long time, video surveillance services were something used by government agencies and wealthy companies. Nowadays, security systems are more accessible than ever. A video surveillance services and system acts as a deterrent to crime and it can be unnerving to a would-be criminal. In case of an eventuality, video monitoring tapes will give an insight of the crime committed and can be used for many different purposes such as identifying the criminal and in a court of law.

Whether you’re interested in surveillance in San Diego, you need surveillance in Los Angeles or you have a need for video monitoring in another part of the state, we’ll design a custom video monitoring plan for your location. We know that providing surveillance in LA is different from providing the same service elsewhere. While we may use the same system and equipment, every property is unique, which is why we’ll customize a comprehensive plan that’s designed exclusively for your location.

Property managers and HOAs are often drawn to our video monitoring service because it enables us to keep a close eye on various locations in the communities they oversee, including their entrance and egress points. Many businesses also use our video monitoring service, including restaurants, bars and nightclubs, hotels, construction companies, parking authorities and retail establishments. At these locations, our video monitoring service is used to monitor people entering and leaving the properties. It’s also used to keep a watch on areas where payments and cash transactions are processed.

Security Surveillance & Video Monitoring for Any Application


The CitiGlobal Difference

For more than 60 years, CitiGlobal Security has provided surveillance and video monitoring services in Los Angeles, San Diego and other cities located throughout California. We’re able to provide surveillance and video monitoring services to a wide variety of businesses, communities and groups because we have over six decades of experience. Our officers also have the specialized skills necessary to serve an assortment of clients across industries and locations.

To learn more about our surveillance and video monitoring services, contact CitiGlobal Security today.

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